Measure Website Performance using Google Analytics

There are many ways to track a website performance, but the easiest and free way is through the used of Google Analytics. Google Analytics works on every kind of website, be it a blog, an eCommerce, a service or product selling site, it will work without any problem.

You just need to install the analytics script on your website using various options and you are good to go. You can see website hits in real time, create and track events, and set goals for your business. The most common way to install analytics to your site is through the used of the asynchronous tracking script that you can insert at the head section of your website. For advanced users, they used Google Tag Manager to install the analytics code and even the Facebook pixel codes to run.

Using analytics let’s you track the most visited pages in your website. You can also determine the top countries driving traffic to you site, even the top cities if you want to have a granular data. You can also check the number of unique visitors, page views, returning vs new, keywords driving traffic to your site, where the traffic is coming and many more.

There are other 3rd party tools that you can used to gauge your website performance, but majority of them will costs you less than a hundred bucks per month. If you are already earning with your site, then I think it is a good investment to purchase such tools to further help you boost your marketing efforts and improve your conversion rates.